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Water Features?

It can be argued that the preparation phase is the most important part of building a pool. This is when you will decide the overall look of your swimming pool and hire a pool contractor. The best pool contractor in Las Vegas is 360 Exteriors. We can help you with everything you could need, from… Read more »

Questions to Ask while Designing Your Perfect, Custom Pool

You have decided to build a swimming pool in your backyard, but you aren’t quite sure where to begin. 360 Exteriors is here to help! The best way to begin is by addressing these three questions: how big, how deep, and what shape? To build an inground pool that fits your lifestyle and home, answering… Read more »

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Pool Deck Design Tips – (702) 966-0138

Pool Deck Building Guidelines by 360 Exteriors Pools & Spas Here you’ll find guidelines by 360 Exteriors for designing a swimming pool deck with slip resistance and sun reflectivity in mind, solutions that fits almost any unique environment, budget and lifestyle. One of the most significant trends in outdoor design today tends to be the… (702) 966-0138“>Read more »