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It can be argued that the preparation phase is the most important part of building a pool. This is when you will decide the overall look of your swimming pool and hire a pool contractor. The best pool contractor in Las Vegas is 360 Exteriors. We can help you with everything you could need, from landscaping to barbecue islands. We are here for you!

What water features do I want in my pool?

To maximize your enjoyment of your pool, even when you are not swimming, you can incorporate water features. Adding water features to your swimming pool design will add both beauty and excitement to your custom pool. Typical water features are fountains and waterfalls, but there are so many more options. 360 Exteriors can explain your options.

When deciding what water features you want for your pool, you have a plethora of options. You may want to consider a spillover spa. A spillover spa is an integrated custom-designed spa that is raised above the pool, serving as a sort of useful water feature as it spills or trickles into the swimming pool. Or maybe you want a water wall. It is precisely just like it sounds. A water wall lets water spill out from a horizontal spout placed on a tiled or decorative wall near the pool. 360 Exteriors is committed to quality construction and a great design! We want to give you what you want.

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