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360 Exteriors Plaster FAQ

Please feel free to call us at: (702) 966-0138 for any further instructions or if you have any additional questions about this stage in you pool & spa build.

After the swimming pool exterior finish has been applied and has cured, the crew will begin to fill your pool. The pool will be filled by a standard garden hose provided by the home owner. A standard practice of ours is using a hose with a piece of cloth tied to the end of it to prevent any markings.

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We suggest that you allow the water to reach the middle of the waterline tile line and do not turn off the water until it reaches the middle of the tile. After the pool has been filled you will gently transfer the garden hose to the spa if you have one, and allow the spa to fill up to water line tile as well. Once the water reaches the middle of the tile in the spa, once again you will shut off the water and remove the garden hose. After both pool and spa have been filled and once your pool brush & pole has been delivered, please begin to brush the plaster of your swimming pool & spa. Brush the sides, steps, benches and floor of the pool and/or spa. At least 2-3 x a day for up to 3-4 days to achieve a smooth plaster interior finish.

At this point 360 Exteriors will send someone out to give you an orientation demonstrating the functionality of your brand new pool. Please call us to schedule your new pool orientation. If you purchased a pool heater, now is the time to call Southwest Gas # 877-860-6020 to change out the meter. (There is not a charge to change out the meter only the homeowner can call SW Gas) When they ask how big the pool heater is, your heater size is a 400,000 BTU.

If you live in North Las Vegas you will still have two remaining Final inspections from the North Las Vegas Inspector. If you live in Clark County or the City of Henderson there will be only one final inspection after pool is holding water.