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Pool Deck Building Guidelines by 360 Exteriors Pools & Spas

Here you’ll find guidelines by 360 Exteriors for designing a swimming pool deck with slip resistance and sun reflectivity in mind, solutions that fits almost any unique environment, budget and lifestyle.

Decorative Concrete Application

Decorative Concrete Application

One of the most significant trends in outdoor design today tends to be the decorative concrete pool deck, which is colored, textured and creates an alluring area surrounding the pool & spa. It also provides a safe slip-resistant deck surface for sunbathing, an outdoor kitchen area, barbecuing, and all other social activities. Safety around your swimming pool and spa area is of the utmost importance and In-ground pool decks have become nearly as important as the interior design of the actual home.

Now you can choose decorative concrete that complements both the interior and the exterior of the home. Options are endless and you can literally meld your deck with your existing landscaping and outdoor environment. Decorative concrete specialist are now able to replicate expensive materials such as slate, stone, or even wood.

Generally known as cement pool decks, the options that are readily available for designing a unique, functional, and economical pool deck are in reach and within your budget.

There are many benefits to using a decorative concrete application. Concrete offers an extremely durable surface, along with the new techniques being used for stamping and applying decorative concrete, the aesthetic v options are endless and can be created for a fraction of the cost.

Decorative concrete these days is a flexible solution for any pool deck. 360 Exteriors Pools & Spa of Las Vegas, Nevada. Let 360 Exteriors design your custom pool, call for a free consultation – (702) 966-0138