360 Exteriors Small Logo Icon What Does Your Pool Design Say About You What Does Your Pool Design Say About You

360 Exteriors Pool and Spa of Las Vegas, Nevada are pool designers at heart. We specialize in custom pool designs. Remember when you used to sit in class and sketch pools? Well, we did. It did not seem weird to us at all. It is what we love doing, and it is what we are good at too. But there is more to the business than just designing exceptional pools. That is why we put so much emphasis on listening to our customers’ needs and putting their ideas just as high on the list as our own. After all, it is your pool. It is going to be in your backyard. We are pool designers first and foremost, but we are so much more too.
When we set out to design and build your new pool, we want to know what you think, what you feel, and, most of all, what you deeply and truly desire. Your outdoor living space with your beautiful pool is going to be the place you and your family enjoy for years. Your pool design should reflect you.
We’ll ask you questions about what you’d like to see and experience. Are you the type of person who just wants to swim and swim and swim and never stop? Then you probably want the most significant pool you can fit into your space, and something like a barbecue is just going to get in the way. Do you want lots of room to lounge while the kids have fun in the water? We can set that up too and even set you up with some beautiful landscaping to look at as well. Or does a place to have get-togethers sound more of what you would like. Maybe adding an outdoor kitchen to your pool design would be a huge bonus in this situation. When you tell us what you want, we listen. We can make it your reality. That’s the 360 Exteriors Pool & Spa way of working.
Don’t settle for a company that’s going to pass off your ideas as suggestions then go their way. And don’t settle for one that always thinks they know what you’ll enjoy more than you do. You need pool designers that listen to you, and that’s what we’re proud to do.