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When you think about bringing in a custom pool builder to give your backyard a lift, you probably ponder the different options available to you. You probably think about how big you want your pool, how deep it needs to be, what space you’ll have around it for relaxation. But those are just the starting points. After that, the doors fly wide open. 360 Exteriors Pool and Spa of Las Vegas, Nevada
Design the space around your pool to your liking. We can add custom fixtures that make your pool look like a Grecian goddess just stepped foot into the world. Or we can add rock fixtures and landscaping to make you feel like you’ve left the confines of the city altogether and are now in a forest of your own making. And the options still don’t stop there.
Are you a water person? You are a bit since you’re buying a pool, but do you want to go even further? We can include waterfalls and all sorts of other water features to make your pool sing with the sweet trickle of a flowing stream.
Maybe you’re more into fire. That’s cool; we like fire too. We can install fire pits that will both light your pool and spa area with a brilliant glow and provide incredible conversation pieces for your next party. We can even go further to make that party spectacular.
We offer a wide variety of outdoor kitchens and decking to take your pool from just a swimming adventure to an all-around outdoor living experience. Plus, don’t forget the landscaping. Not only is 360 Exteriors Pool and Spa of Las Vegas, Nevada, a custom pool builder, but we are also a one-stop-shop. We do it all.
When you thought of adding a pool to your home, you only scratched the surface of the possibilities. Call 360 Exteriors Pool & Spa today to see just how much a custom pool builder can do for you.