360 Exteriors Small Logo Icon When to Start your Pool and Spa Construction When to Start your Pool and Spa Construction

There are lots of options, and even more opinions, about when to start your pool and spa construction. In the end, it’s all up to you when you want to have your pool ready.
The go-to logic is to start it at the beginning of summer, so by the end, you’ve got your brand new pool to dive into and a beautiful place to celebrate all that’s ahead. That makes a lot of sense to us. We get a lot of calls around that time. But it’s hardly the only option.
In Las Vegas, we have decent weather for most of the year. That opens things up to other possibilities. You might not think about going outside and hitting the pool in mid-January. And we may not have you settled on a design in ten seconds anyway. But the great thing about this city, and about 360 Exteriors Pool and Spa, is that the process can start anytime. Pool and spa construction is what 360 Exteriors does.
We offer so many services, from pool and spa design to added fixtures and landscaping to outdoor kitchens and more, that no matter what your project is or when it’s happening, chances are there’s some part that can benefit from us. Whether you need us to get your outdoor barbecue ready for spring or you want a full pool installed for the kids to enjoy throughout the summer, we can get started quickly. You tell us when you would like your pool and spa construction to take place.
At 360 Exteriors Pool and Spa, the only thing that matters about time is how quickly we get started. If you’ve got a vague idea or full-on specifications ready to go, call us today so we can get started with your pool and spa construction immediately.