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The Preliminary Pool & Spa Build Consultation

When you make your initial call to the 360 Exteriors office we’ll schedule an appointment to meet with you, first at our office, then at your home. Our office meeting will consist of us listening to your needs, as well as making some general recommendations. At the home meeting we will survey your backyard area and continue to define exactly what you are looking for in a custom pool design by 360 Exteriors. We’ll provide you with some additional ideas of things you might not have thought about and create a budget. After our home visit we will take every piece of information gathered back to our office and work up an actual design. Once the design is complete we will have you go over the plans, numbers and choose between materials and finishes. Once everything has been agreed upon we will get started with the custom pool building and construction process!

That is a brief description of a standard pool build and installation. It will tend to vary somewhat on more complex pool building projects. Proper execution of each and every stage is crucial to the success of the next stage. Call 360 Exteriors today for a free pool build consultation – (702) 966-0138

Pool & Spa Design Plans and Permits

The 360 Exteriors pool building Process starts with an in depth plan from our AutoCAD department. This is literally the foundation for your professional pool build project and will ensure the pool & spa is completed as you envisioned. Additionally we secure all the necessary permits required for the project.

Pool & Spa Pre-grade

Next, the actual construction process is underway! Any and all demolition required is completed at this time. In addition we will be pre-grading the pool area as needed to ensure the swimming pool area is at the appropriate level for the pool’s placement.

Excavation Process

The swimming pool is formed to the correct elevation and will be excavated to the appropriate depths. At this time your pool is over-excavated by a foot or so to allow for the final structure. The entire pool is contoured manually while excess soil is taken away from the site.

Pool & Spa Plumbing

After the excavation phase, all plumbing is installed in the pool and spa.


Prior to the steel being installed, a 4″ to 6″ layer of class ‘A’ gravel in spread across the floor of the pool. The skeletal system of the pool is all grade 40 steel throughout. This is exactly what holds the structure of the pool together. We determine which steel to use based on your soil conditions and depths of your pool.


After the steel is installed and passes municipal inspection, the shell of the pool is shot in place.

Pool & Spa Tile & Coping

Tile of your choosing is applied at the water line. This is where the pool build really starts to come together!

The Pool & Spa Decking

At this phase your  pool deck is now formed for pouring. The deck material you have chose is applied. We provide everything from broom finished concrete to more sophisticated stamped concrete.

The Equipment Installation

Pool filtration equipment is set up in the equipment area designated during the planning stage. All standard pool build electrical hook-ups use 240v pumps.

Pool & Spa Plaster

The 360 Exteriors swimming pool is now ready to be cleaned and prepared for the plaster phase. Once the pool & spa is cleaned, two coats are applied. Next, filling the swimming pool with water usually follows within a few hours.

Start-Up Cycle

Once your pool is filled, a 360 Exteriors service technicians will come and help you through the initial start up phase of the equipment. Water is tested at this time and a chemical balance is started.

Instructions & Training

At this point 360 Exteriors will need to schedule a convenient time for us to train you in the use of your brand new pool equipment. Our technicians will advise you in  the complete operation of your custom pool build system.

Last, Enjoy your New 360 Exteriors Pool & Spa! Call 360 Exteriors for a Free Pool Design Consultation – (702) 966-0138