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What About My Yard? Custom Pool Building Process & Information

Application of Gunite

(60) Application of Gunite

We’re not going to sugarcoat this one; when we work on your pool and spa construction, it will tear up your yard—but it’s only temporary. Sure, for the first little while, it’ll look like a dinosaur was trying to dig up its relatives, but that will pass. Before you know it, the hole will be filled with water, and you’ll forget all about the mess.

To build a pool, we have to dig a huge hole. That’s probably not surprising to you, at least we hope it’s not. What may be surprising is that we have to make the hole significantly larger than what the pool will be. That’s so we have the space to install all the reinforcing components that keep the water in the pool instead of flowing all over your yard. If you ask us, keeping the water in the pool is one of the most crucial aspects of pool building.

Once that’s done, we also have to dig spaces for the electrical and plumbing components. No pool is an island—that’s not a metaphor. Pools require pumps, plumbing, lights, heaters, and other pieces that all have to be connected to existing lines. All of that takes digging, and digging creates a bit of a mess.

But we never want you to worry about the mess. Every pool installation includes the cleanup. We are not finished until your pool is looking pristine and beautiful, just the way you deserve to have it the first time you jump into it. So, we will be honest; there will come a point when you look out over your yard and think someone just called the Incredible Hulk a weakling out there. But once it is all cleaned up, you will see why your pool and spa construction is worth a little mess.