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Many outfits in the pool construction game like to show you your options and then install something they’ve done a thousand times. It works. It gets you in the water. But is it really yours? Is it something you’ve helped create, or did you just pick up on someone else’s idea? We want your space to be your space, that’s the 360 Exteriors Pool & Spa of Las Vegas, Nevada’s style.
We take your ideas and turn them into reality. Whether you like modern stylings with simple edges and enough room for all your friends, or you prefer something more lush with rock fixtures and elaborate designs, we can accommodate your visions. We design a backyard with your input to match your style because it is your backyard. The keyword is yours.
Our abilities go far beyond the typical pool model. We like to create and innovate. We give you a custom pool construction you won’t see anywhere. We’ve had clients walk in with firm thoughts in their minds, diagrams, and images already sketched out. And we built them the exact pool they wanted. We’ve also played the role of the pool designer to help our clients figure out what they want. Whatever you want. We don’t limit you to our tastes. It is your choice.
We want you to be surrounded by your creation. We’re just bringing it to life. So it’s probably not even accurate to say it’s our style at all. We’re just the ones who bring your style to life.
Some places will give you something functional, and that should always be a part of the result. But what sets the style apart from a bland substance is the piece of you we put into it. To see that in action, call on us for your pool construction needs at (702) 966-0138.