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The Swimming Pool Design & Construction Process – 360 Exteriors of Las Vegas, Nevada

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Below is a general outline of what you can expect from the initial pool design phase of your new pool construction. We start by synchronizing you with a professional 360 Exteriors swimming pool contractor, a certified pool building professional who’ll examine your while offering material recommendations and layout options that will assist in giving shape to your custom pool & spa. The pool design process is central to the plan because it lays the foundation for your new pool, and we will diligently augment the potential of your property to ensure that we achieve exactly what you’re looking for before we even start to break ground

Once the layout, pool design and materials for your brand new pool design has been determined, your 360 Exteriors contractor will likely present you with vast array of accessory options and special features that you could add to the design of the swimming pool itself and to the surrounding areas. These may include items such as: sun shades, pool decks and spas that will add a touch of grace and functionality to your swimming pool design.

Beautiful Pool Waterfalls and Design Accents

(50) Beautiful Pool Waterfalls and Design Accents

Naturally once all the plans are finalized, your 360 Exteriors contractor will also produce a written estimate as well a construction schedule. 360 Exteriors will tailor this schedule to fit your family’s needs to the best of our abilities. The amount of time for new pool construction is different for each phase of construction and is based on the size and features that you have agreed upon. You can easily discuss all the timing with your 360 Exteriors pool contractor.


1. Meet Your Professional 360 Exteriors Pool Contractor

To begin the pool design process with 360 Exteriors , your professional designer will visit your property to go over the vision you have for your pool. The pool designer will be your single contact point throughout the entire pool build process. The designer will handle any and all contractors, construction teams as well as coordinate the whole effort in your stead while relaying each and all your needs for the pool construction process.

2. Discuss Your Ideas with your Pool Design Specialist

360 Exteriors swimming pool & spa contractor will openly discuss your thoughts and concepts with you, assisting you to give shape to the exact pool you desire. Once all ideas are actually reviewed, your 360 Exteriors representative will show you various drafts of your swimming pool concept utilizing a professional 3-D modeling program. The 3-D design software allows you to visualize how the pool will look and function upon completion.

3. Begin the Pool & Spa Construction

With 360 Exteriors, you will never have to worry about acquiring permits and inspections. We handle all the work for you. After the permits and legal matters are attended to, we shall begin the construction of your brand new pool by securing our experienced pool construction specialists to get started. Our 360 Exteriors design specialist will provide you with an estimated end date and assist you through the entire process to ensure all things are to your precise specifications.