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What Do I Have To Do to Start my Pool Build? Las Vegas, Nevada Pool Construction Services

Custom Swimming Pool & Spa - Anthem, Nevada

Custom Swimming Pool & Spa – Anthem, Nevada

This is an essential point for pool buyers to remember when starting their pool construction: There will be some work involved. We at 360 Exteriors Pool & Spa do everything we can to minimize how much effort our clients will have to put in. But we’re just the pool builders, and we usually don’t end up getting to swim—though we are free this weekend if you want to throw a barbecue.

We handle all the pool construction and technical work. We dig the space, fill it in, and place all the electrical and plumbing to keep your pool running correctly. We even take care of the cleanup after the installation is complete. All that’s really left for you as the owner to do is maintain your pool and keep it in good condition. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds, and we give all the proper instruction necessary to make you an expert.

During installation, you’ll need to hose down certain pool surfaces to help cure the material and keep it smooth. Later in the process, you’ll also have to brush some surfaces. We provide the tools and the education; all you have to do is know that the first time you splash into your beautiful new pool, it’ll all be worth it.

We never want anyone to feel like a pool and spa is more work than enjoyment. It’s really not. The effort that goes into installing and maintaining a pool is minimal compared to how much you and your family will get out of it. Fun, exercise and a place for socializing are all parts of pool ownership. We handle the pool construction, with a little help from you so that you can enjoy every moment of the pool experience.