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360 Exteriors offers a comprehensive solution to your backyard remodel project. We offer a complete and total backyard renovation process. We offer professional landscaping services with our pool & spa design services. Call today for a free consultation – (702) 966-0138.
Landscaping can be overwhelming. Regardless of how big your yard is there is so much to consider. At 360 Exterior we simplify the process for you. It is important to have a master plan even if the entire project is going to be done in sections. We are here to design, plan, and create your ideal landscape. It is important to differentiate the needs from wants. You may want a garden and your kids may need a play place. We tackle all of the issues head on and design a landscape that meets your necessities. Style is important and we can work around your taste to deliver landscaping that works for you. Landscape must be given proper thought. There are sun and wind patterns that need to be studied. Some plants and trees don’t grow well in shady areas while others might flourish in the same conditions.

If you are just moving into a house you may want to live and experience the yard for a while before you decide to design or redesign the landscape. After being in the yard you may come to realize areas that are ideal for certain amenities. Our team of experts can come to your yard and give you a free estimate. During this visit they will personally measure and walk your property giving you creative advice that may give you some new ideas when laying the plans for your landscape. It is ideal to work around a focal point, this is the focus point of the yard. If you are doing a pool in your backyard that can be the perfect focal point. In your front yard it may be a paved path, a specimen tree, statue, or a man made riverbed. We can use our experience, knowledge and creativity to support you in picking the perfect focal point.

The Complete Landscape

In landscaping cohesion is key. You probably do not want your yard to look like an unintentional mess. Poorly placed plants can become liabilities. It is important to know where you will need equipment access. There is irrigation and electrical to consider. 360 Exterior will not take anything for granted, leave no stone unturned and we remember “right plant, right spot.”

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