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Plans, Permit and Insurance

Visit 360 Exteriors of Las Vegas, Nevada today to start your custom pool & spa design. 360 Exteriors provides elegant design solutions with meticulous attention to details & premium construction services for you backyard living space. Call today for a free consultation – (702) 966-0138



Detailed blueprints in advance for approval prior to excavation.
Engineered structural plans.
Each project is individually engineered.

All media support building permits.
All work, employees and vehicles are covered by our commercial liability, workers compensation and auto insurance. Certificates are available upon request.
Taxes on all materials and equipment is included in the contract price. Unconditional lien releases are available throughout construction. Bond covering payment & performance.

360 Exteriors is compliant with State Contractor Board regulations.

Pool layout prior to excavation.
Pool painted on ground for visual approval.
Dig is guaranteed against caliche with 10’ access.

Pool is hand contoured.
Hand trimming assures uniform wall and floor thickness with proper code radius.

2-1/2” suction lines on pumps
2” return lines
Larger plumbing provides fast turnover for a cleaner more energy-efficient pool.

Separate dedicated suction lines for surface skimmers and bottom main drains.
Dual plumbing allows for greater adjustment and cleaning control.

Surface returns with directional eyeballs.

Dedicated pool cleaner line for use with automatic cleaner.
Automatic Fill with anti-siphon valves.

1’-1/2” drain port for draining pool.

All plumbing and circulation lines are pressurized throughout construction.
Continued pressure assures a leak-free plumbing system

Entire bond beam holds 3 bars of ½” #4 steel rebar. Field has 3/8” steel tied at 12” on center throughout plus: 6” o.c. transitions slope.
6” o.c. In deep end coves.
4” o.c. For pools deeper than 7’.

Our bond beam and wall steel schedules are beyond code for protection against ground forces.


Call for current Equipment!

Automatic fill.
Maintenance Kit Includes: telescopic pole, brush, leaf skimmer, floating chlorinator, and water test kit.

Breakers are included.
One. 10 bowl GFI protected light circuit with duplex outlet and rain cover.
Protected outlet provided at homeowner convenience

220 Volt pump circuit.
Weatherproof programmable timer.
Bonding as per N.E.C. Code.
400 Watt light for pool.
Remote for lights.


Clean-up and Plaster
All trenches are filled and the yard is rough graded.
Our conscientiousness crews are proud of their cleanliness during construction and at final cleanup. All construction debris are hauled away.
Two coats of hand-troweled white plaster.
Rope hooks can be installed at the shallow end break.
Rope can be installed for safety.
Dual Anti-Vortex Main drain grates at every suction intake.

Start-up and Orientation
Equipment is turned on and start up chemicals are added after fill up along with a full month chemicals. Complete customer orientation, maintenance, and equipment warranties are fully explained.