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What Exactly Is A Gunite Swimming Pool?

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In simplified terms, a gunite swimming pool is a concrete pool that has been built with pneumatically placed concrete (applied under pressure). When we say gunite, we’re referring to a mixture of cement, aggregate, and water. In this 360 Exteriors informational article we’ll be providing you with more detail about gunite and why it’s the most desirable choice among swimming pool contractors.

About Gunite

Bobcat 360 Exteriors Excavation

Bobcat 360 Exteriors Excavation

Gunite has been utilized in the construction industry since the early 1900’s, having been utilized in the construction of tunnels, bridges and the like. The high pressure application results in a concrete product that’s not only superior in strength to poured in place concrete but also is watertight.

Given this distinctive method of placement, gunite swimming pools can be constructed in practically any shape and size. Which makes gunite the most popular material for pool and spa contractors. The concrete can be applied vertically, horizontally or even upward to form a ceiling when desired, enabling the creation of caves, waterfalls, and other unique creative structures.

The versatility, durability, and application control of gunite makes it the concrete system of choice for over 80% of all swimming pool & spa contractors today.

Building a Gunite Swimming Pool and/or Spa

We believed it would also be beneficial to describe our process for building a gunite pool. At a high level, the process goes as follows:

  • Place outer forms
  • Excavate the area where the pool is to be built
  • Install a gridwork of steel
  • Apply gunite around the steel under high pressure

360 Exteriors sincerely hopes that this article delivered you more information about the gunite pool and spa system. Please feel free to contct 360 Exteriors and ask any additional questions – (702) 966-0138.